I shepherd a small flock of 20 head, more or less, of California Heritage breed Romeldale CVM sheep in variegated natural colors of cream, tan, brown and grey. I don’t raise market lambs. Most of the sheep live out lives of 10-15 years and are humanely put down when they can no longer function
well to walk and graze.

A student of Holistic Resource Management, I am constantly learning to apply the principles and practices of managed grazing to 3 acres of irrigated permanent pasture. The animals divide their time between pasture by day and a predator-proof barn by night. They receive supplemental alfalfa and grass hay from mid November to mid February when the grass is dormant. (They also love to chew the leaves and bark off fruit tree prunings. This
source of tannin helps to control internal parasites).

I encourage you to explore my website, learn the story of my sheep and farm and to take a look at the beautiful items in my shop that I have created out of the wool from these very special sheep. Each item is unique and handcrafted sustainably. Visit our shop here.